Terms and Booking Conditions

1. Contract
The contract is between "You" the hirer and us the "Owners" of the accommodation. The contract comes into effect once we have received payment for your booking and once we have confirmed your booking in writing (by email or post).
The Owners reserve the right to refuse to accept a Booking and, in this event, all fees paid will be immediately refunded.
By completing the Booking Form You are certifying that You are authorised to agree to the Conditions of Booking on behalf of all persons included on the booking form, including those substituted or added at a later date. You must be a member of the party occupying the property and must be over 18.
Acceptance of a Booking by the Owners confers upon You the right to occupy the property for a holiday within the meaning of Section 9 of the Rent Act 1977.

2. Payment
Reservations on properties are accepted subject to availability and are normally held for 48 hours. Payment must be made within this time to confirm the Booking. If payment is not received within the time stated, the owners reserve the right to cancel the Booking.
Payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS), or cheque (UK resdients only). Details will be provided when a booking is made. Bookings can be confirmed by payment of a Booking Deposit of 25% of the rental cost, if the Booking is made more than 4 weeks before the start of the holiday.
If the Booking is made less than 4 weeks before commencement of the holiday, the full rental cost is due at the time of booking.
Once the Booking is received and accepted by the Owners, You are liable for payment of the Balance of the Rental cost 4 weeks before the start of the holiday. Non-payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation and the Owners may re-let the property without reference to You who remain liable for payment of the full amount. Credit will be given for any rents received as a result of re-letting, less the Owner's expenses.
If, for any reason, beyond the Owner's control, the property is not available on the date booked, all rent and charges paid in advance by You will be refunded in full. Any further claim against the Owners shall be limited to expenses actually incurred by You prior to the date of cancellation of the holiday.

3. Cancellation
(i) You should inform us immediately if you are unable to occupy Shudrick Barn. If you have to cancel as a result of serious and unavoidable circumstances, it is our usual practice to refund any monies already paid and to waive any further payment due for your holiday. Refunds and waivers are given at our discretion.
(ii) In the event that no refund or waiver of monies is given then the deposit (25% of the rental price) will be forfeit. We will do our best to re-let the property you have booked and, if successful, your liability for the balance of rental will cease. If we have not been successful in re-letting the property by the balance due date, you remain liable for the full cost of the holiday and must pay the balance on the due date.
(iii) If we re-let the property after the balance has been paid we will refund the balance to you (retaining the deposit to cover our costs in re-letting). If we are only able to re-let part of a cancelled period, or are only able to re-let the cancelled property at a discounted rate, then the refund will be reduced to the sum obtained on the re-letting in respect of the cancelled period less the deposit paid by the new hirer for that period.

4. Numbers in party/Responsibility/Pets
Under no circumstances may people or pets other than those specified on the Booking Form occupy the property. You agree to take good care of the property and to be responsible for the full cost of any damages or breakages and any exceptional cleaning. You will leave the property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition prior to vacating the property. You will not cause any annoyance or become a nuisance to tenants or occupants of adjoining premises.
Pets are accepted under the condition that they are kept under strict control at all times, not allowed on furnishings, nor left unattended in the property. You will be liable for any damage caused by pets.

5. Occupancy
Lettings commence at 4.00pm on the first day of tenancy and end at 11.00am on the day of departure unless notified otherwise. The period cannot be exceeded unless the Owners give approval in writing and You will be liable for any extra cost of whatsoever nature incurred because of an unauthorised extension.
The Owners reserve the right to reasonable access to the property.

6. Property Description and External Links
Our property description contains information regarding tourist attractions, places of interest, events, pubs, restaurants and shops. Although we endeavour to ensure this information is accurate, we cannot be held responsible if any of these amenities cease trading or events do not take place. Google maps shows the approximate location of Shudrick Barn. It does not indicate its precise latitude and longitude.
We are not responsible for the content of external websites to which we have links, and these links should not be understood to be an endorsement of that website or its products or services.
The Owners cannot be held responsible for connectivity problems, loss of Internet service or any other problems resulting from the use of the Wireless Broadband service.
The Owners reserve the right to amend prices quoted on the website, due to errors and/or omissions, or changes in the VAT rate.

If there shall be a breach of any of these conditions the Owners may re-enter the property and terminate the tenancy.